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Cancer: Scientists reveal how to boost radiotherapy

Scientists have recently identified a molecular pathway that links the movement of energy-producing centers, or mitochondria, in cancer cells to resistance to radiotherapy. This, they say, could lead to improved cancer treatments. Targeting…

Do bacteria cause stomach cancer?

Helicobacter pylori, a bacterium, is usually found in the stomach. It does not always cause problems, but some strains are linked to ulcers and gastritis. Now, scientists have found that one H. pylori strain can increase the risk of stomach…

Cancer: New target found for drug-resistant tumors

Rapamycin and drugs that act like it have a limited effect against many cancers because their tumors are resistant to them. Now, the discovery of a cell growth mechanism could lead to new drugs that overcome this resistance in some cancers.…

What makes aggressive brain cancer ‘immortal?’

A new study has discovered what makes glioblastoma cells so resilient and difficult to destroy. The finding may lead to more effective, targeted treatments in the future, the researchers argue. Researchers now know what makes glioblastoma…

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