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Breast cancer: Does stress fuel its spread?

New research in mouse models shows that stress hormones can help breast cancer grow, spread, and diversify, which makes it harder to treat. A study in mice sheds light on the mechanisms through which stress can contribute to the spread of…

What does a lump in the left breast mean?

Lumps can occur in the left or right breast, or in both breasts. There are many types of breast lump, most of which are harmless. Doctors diagnose breast cancers more often in the left breast than the right. That said, around 80 percent of…

Diez causas comunes de la mastalgia

Las mujeres de todas las edades aseguran haber sufrido dolor en las mamas, lo que se conoce como mastalgia. El dolor puede aparecer antes o después de la menopausia. Sin embargo, es más común durante los años de reproducción. Cerca del 70…

Breast cancer: How fast does it spread?

People who have found a lump, have recently had their breast cancer diagnosed, or know someone who has may wonder how fast it can grow or spread. Breast cancer is the most common cancer diagnosis among women in the United States. It is very…

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