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What is frontal sinusitis and what causes it?

Frontal sinusitis is inflammation or infection of the sinuses located just behind the eyes and in the forehead. The sinuses are a system of connected hollow cavities in the face that contain air and a thin layer of mucus. All sinuses…

What can cause spots on the tongue?

The tongue has lots of small spots on it for taste and sensation. They are not usually very noticeable. If spots are an unusual color, cause irritation, or other symptoms accompany them, they can be the sign of a health problem.In this…

Olfactory receptors ‘do more than smell’

Scientists in Germany suggest that a better understanding of the many roles of olfactory receptors in the body could lead to new avenues of medical research and treatment. Olfactory receptors may do more than just enable us to smell. In a…

What are the early signs of tongue cancer?

Tongue cancer is a type of mouth cancer, or oral cancer, that usually develops in the squamous cells on the surface of the tongue. It can cause tumors or lesions. The most noticeable signs of tongue cancer are a sore on the tongue that does…

Are holes in tonsils normal?

Holes in the tonsils, or tonsillar crypts, are a normal part of a person's anatomy. However, these holes at the back of the throat can trap bacteria and become blocked with food particles, mucus, and other debris.Some conditions and…

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