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Fat in soil bacteria may protect against stress

A recent discovery could help to explain further why living with dirt can benefit human health. Scientists have found that a bacterium that lives in soil makes an anti-inflammatory fatty acid that can promote resilience to stress. A…

Are feminine hygiene products really necessary?

Many people use so-called feminine hygiene products — such as intimate cleansers and wipes, douches, and even deodorants — hoping to feel clean and fresh. Do these products really help maintain genital health? In this Spotlight feature, we…

How lack of sleep harms circulation

Scientists have long been aware of the relationship between insufficient sleep and poor cardiovascular health. However, exactly how the lack of adequate sleep can harm circulation has remained unclear. A new study now uncovers some of the…

Endometriosis: Are scientists making any headway?

Endometriosis is a gynecological condition that causes debilitating pain and a heavy flow of one's period, as well as many other symptoms that lower quality of life. This condition often requires regular surgical interventions, and it has…

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