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Intubation: Everything you need to know

Intubation is a standard procedure that involves passing a tube into a person's airway. Doctors often perform before surgery or in emergencies to give medicine or help a person breathe.Most people recover from intubation with no long-term…

How to respond to chlorine poisoning

A wide range of industrial and household products contain chlorine. Although these products are safe when handled correctly, chlorine is poisonous and swallowing or inhaling it can cause harm.Chlorine poisoning is a medical emergency. If a…

What to do when someone is unconscious

When someone becomes unconscious, it is essential to know what to do. Some simple first aid steps, such as checking their vitals and for signs of serious injury, can help a person until the emergency services arrive. If a person is not…

What is trauma to the breast?

Traumatic breast injury can be the result of anything that causes damage to the breast tissue. Most traumatic breast injuries do not cause significant side effects, but rare complications can include severe bleeding. No research suggests…

What to know about brain hypoxia

Brain hypoxia is a form of hypoxia or oxygen deficiency affecting the brain. It occurs when the brain does not receive enough oxygen even though blood is still flowing. When oxygen supply is totally cut off, it is called brain anoxia.Brain…

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